Monday, July 7, 2008

Open University - Lobbying & Trans Research Coordination for Moving Around

2. Lobbying & Trans Research Coordination for Moving Around
- How to move around with CEDEFOP/Traning village

2.0 OUJ
[FB] The Open Univeristy of Japan
[Sonico] The Open Univeristy of Japan
[vKontakte] The Open Univeristy of Japan - Открытый Университет Япония
[Orkut] The Open University of Japan
[studiVZ/meinVZ] The Open Univeristy of Japan
[Mixi] Open University for Foreigner Residents in Japan - 外国人のための放送大学

2.1 OU UK
[Mixi] イギリス放送大学Open University

2.2 CNED
[FB] Pour tous les plus grands bradeurs du CNED
[FB] les cnédiens (CNED)
[Sonico] CNED
[vKontakte] CNED France - Открытый Университет Фпанция, Дистанционное обучение через Интернет
[Orkut] CNED - International
[studiVZ/meinVZ] CNED France
[Mixi] フランス放送大学CNED

2.3 FernUni Hagen
[FB] Fernuni Hagen
[Sonico] FernUni Hagen
[vKontakte] FernUni Hagen - Открытый Университет Германия, Дистанционное обучение через Интернет
[Orkut] FernUni Hagen - Fernstudium, E-Learning, Open Universität
[studiVZ/meinVZ] Fernuni Hagen - Bachelor Psychologie WS 08/09
[studiVZ/meinVZ] Fernuni Hagen - StZ Frankfurt am Main
[studiVZ/meinVZ] FernUni Hagen - STZ Leipzig
[studiVZ/meinVZ] Fernuni Hagen - Wirtschaftsmathematik Kurs 00053 SS 2008
[studiVZ/meinVZ] FernUni Hagen - Neueinsteiger 2008
[studiVZ/meinVZ] FernUni Hagen - Sz Studienzentrum Herford
[Mixi] ドイツ放送大学FernUni Hagen

2.4 UniNettUno
[Sonico] UniNettUno
[vKontakte] UniNettUno - Открытый Университет Италия, Дистанционное обучение через Интернет
[Orkut] UniNettUno - Universita e Formazione alla Distanza
[studiVZ/meinVZ] UniNettUno
[Mixi] イタリアの放送大学UniNettUno

2.5 UNED
[FB] Alumnos de la UNED
[Sonico] UNED - Universidad - España
[vKontakte] UNED España - Открытый Университет Испании, Дистанционное обучение через Интернет
[Orkut] UNED - Universidad - España
[studiVZ/meinVZ] UNED España
[Mixi] スペインの放送大学UNED

2.6 МИМ—ОУ
[Sonico] OU-Link MSOU
[vKontakte] OpenLearning - Дистанционное обучение через Интернет
[Orkut] ОУ-МИМ
[Mixi] ロシア放送大学МИМ—ОУ


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Return of Lobbying from

I was occupied to fulfill the blog of my japanese edition from the needs of japanese customers. These months, we have created more than fifty individual blogs, where the different RPMs are proposed.
Essentially, this blog serves the information based on my investigation - research concerning the RPM of SIGs - pressing groups or lobbyist - appeared publicly on internet.
The next line is the sum up of the resumes of these SIGs apppearing on Facebook. (Note : The credibility is high compared to the lay groups but not always sure compared to those of LinkedIn. To be continued to reedit line by line)


- Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science

- The Naked Scientists
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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Creation of Lobbying with Trans-Research

Creation of Lobbying with Trans-Research

so, it is time to creat the next entrance stage from Trans-Research.

1) Lobbying with Trans-Research
2) Social Technology Consulting with Trans-Research
3) Open Learning Initiative with Trans-Research

For this, on may need the referencial discussion groups, and I found many discussion groups on Facebook. Let's see the groups below, in fact, these are the special interest groups (SIGs) for Lobbying near to the EU Commission (Brussels) and EU Parliament (Strassbourg).

SIGs in Facebook

ref. site :

* European Union (EU)
ref. site :

* Mouvement Européen France
ref. site :

* Les Jeunes Européens France
ref. site :

* JEF (Jeunes Europeens Federalistes)
ref. site :

* Worst EU Lobbying Awards 2007
ref. site :

* Coulisses de Bruxelles
ref. site :

* For Facebook to create a EUROPEAN UNION network
ref. site :

* Euros du Village
ref. site :

* Campaign for "One Seat" in the European Parliament
ref. site :

* touteleurope (Toute l'Europe)

* eurosduvillage (Euros du Village)

The other important SIG's sites

* Euractiv

* Eurosduvillage

* Welcomeurope

* Notre Europe

* Europatermine